Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shout Out of the Day: Under the BQE

As part of an effort to make sense of the links you see posted on the right, every few days I'm gonna lay down some info about one of them.

Under The BQE is a blog by Rachel Bennett created a few months ago with a simple purpose- to capture the changing nature of Williamsburg and Greenpoint (Brooklyn) through photography and whimsical observations. In the months since then, Under the BQE has featured posts on a near-daily basis, featuring poetry, music, neighborhood lore, and limited editorializing on hipsters and the like.

The site continues to branch out topically, and its own links page contains a number of blogs that pontificate on the New Brooklyn.

Hit it up: .


jimnobu said...

Keep the dispatches coming.

Don't be afraid to shout out -

Boys may be coming to the States soon...

Profile said...

Aw. Thanks to you for the initial inspirado.