Monday, August 25, 2008

Transcript of Michelle Obama Speech

We were raised by wolves. We went to Walmart and saved. We treated people to ice cream in the hot and hot chocolate in the cold. We rocked the casbah when we were up, and went to synogauges when we were down. See, we were parents. With shorts. And shortcuts. To home, to school, to the library. We are going to the library! That’s when we found a book. People had warned us about the book, but folks it is not too late! Conviction? It’s our latest prescription. Soldiers! Yes, them! And Hillary Clinton! Where’s Governor Cuomo? We need a surrogate. Not Geraldine Ferraro. No, please, not Geraldine Ferraro. And I do love this country. More than Geraldine Ferraro. And fuuck those parades. Not fiscal discipline. And our children’s future. And if not that, our children’s children’s future. What about those kids? They aren’t even born yet. Hope! Yes, I’ll have some more hope, please. “First voices, for chorus for change. We got the whole world in our hands. We got the brothers and the sisters in our hands. We got the whole world in our hands.”

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