Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav Looks ot Fade Out

Hurricane Gustav looks like it is not going to destroy the Gulf Coast again. As of 8pm tonight, Mississippi Gulf Coast had taken a beating in terms of wind, the flooding of roads, and power outages, but will ultimately be fine. Route 90, which connects the entire Mississippi Coast, and was the main thoroughfare until Interestate 10 was built, is completely under water for major stretches. Hands On Gulf Coast has said it will help run shelters and clear debris if called upon, for anyone looking to get back to the Coast and volunteer.
Their number is 228 257 6094, and they ask that you call for details if interested. Mississippi was remarkably ignored for a second time by media coverage of this event. Since New Orleans looks like it will too dodge a bullet, with no levees being breached as of now, the hope is that Mississippi and Louisiana coastal towns like Houma, LA can ride this thing out.
One of Katrina's lasting impacts was that it took out a number of underwater barriers, small islands, sand dunes and tree lines that normally serve as barriers between a storm and landfall. There is simply less resistance to a storm that hits the coast now than there was in 2005. In any case, if any important updates arise re: Mississippi, I will post them here.

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